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Change of paradigms in flood damage prevention

In contrast to the past decades when flood protection mostly referred to technical measures, the recent severe floods have led to a much more comprehensive attitude. More than 120 devastating floods with a total of 1.7 million people affected and damages amounting to 30 billion Euros within the last 10 years have impeded Europe's drive towards sustainable development. Perceiving a tremendous future challenge an EU Action Programme on floods had been launched. As a result from this the new European directive on the management of flood risks was set into power in 2007.

Aims and objectivs of the INTERREG IIIB nofdp Project

The INTERREG IIIB project ‘nofdp' deals with that Action Programme by formulating the essential demand for a strategy that is in line with the term ‘nature-oriented flood damage prevention (nofdp)'. Flood damage prevention should pool on both technical and non-technical solutions. The hydrological cycle including ecological interactions as well as all-compassing human demands have set the framework for managing riverine systems. The ambitious challenge is to harmonise and to weigh the various conflicts of interests. Floods must be accepted as natural part of the hydrological cycle. In fact, damage is caused by a loss of diverse human assets in flood prone areas.

Lead partner of the nofdp Project is the Hessian Ministry of the Environment, Rural Development and Consumer Protection (Germany). Scientific and technical organisation is shared by the Province North Brabant (The Netherlands), Darmstadt University of Technology and the German Federal Institute of Hydrology (both Germany). The deliverables of this European project are 4 pilot investments implementing this nature oriented principle, innovative computer-tools that help decision makers to successfully implement a new precautionary view in measures for reducing flood risk and improving nature at the same time.

By means of this webpage we present the key deliverables of the nofdp Project. In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the nofdp IDSS. It is an open-source interactive planning and communication software tool. It is available on this USB Stick as English, German and Dutch version.